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tv   Red Eye  FOXNEWSW  April 23, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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controller i apologize and i colleagues for delays flights on purpose to make a point. thanks very much. thanks for watching. see you tomorro welcome to "red eye" with 25% more mustache. now to andy levy for our pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> the white house announced the boston marathon bombing suspect will not be tried as an enemy combatant. we will discuss the fallout from this decision including the possible impeachment of president obama. and has a search for the worst poem ever written come to an end? some say yes and others say yes. and finally reece witherspoon arrested for disorderly conduct in a atlanta meaning i assume the role as america's sweetheart. greg? >> you were always america's sweetheart. >> not officially until now. >> not officially. >> got the call on sunday.
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>> congratulations. >> thank you. >> go away. let's welcome our guests. she is so british she sweats earl gray. author and political commentator immogen lloyd webber. he is so sharp he can complete this sentence, jaime wienstein he is the author of the e book "the lizard king" and my sidekick, bill schulz. and he has more knowledge in his pink ethan i have in my thumb. the former ambassador to the u.n and fox news contributor. he is also the president of "red eye." congratulations on that. before we go to the first story, start with something light. i reason i love fox newschannel's mike tobin is he doesn't take guff. check him out during this live shot. >> 10 seconds later the second explosion goes off according to the fbi at the location where he dropped his -- please don't do that. where he dropped the -- where he dropped his knapsack.
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shepherd? >> we needed a little levity there. and that is was amazing -- he didn't even stop. he just did it. and that's why we love you, tobin. >> one week after the boston marathon bombing, the suspect is lying in hospital in serious condition. a gunshot wound to the neck. on monday they announced dzhokhar, aka, human garbage, will not be tried as an enemy combatant in response to enemy law i can makers to call it information gathering purposes. he is carney jie. he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will treat it through our system of justice. united states citizens cannot be tried in military commissions. >> can i see the mike tobin thing again? never mind. a leading republican senator says there is a legal option to declare dzhokhar, aka,
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[bleep] face an enemy combatant. >> under the law of war there is no right to legal council when you are being questioned for national security purposes. i hope the obama administration will allow us that option that exists in our law. they have a very bad track record here. >> cane see mike tobin again? >> 10 seconds later the second explosion goes off according to the fbi at the location where he dropped his -- please don't do that, where he dropped his knapsack. shepherd? >> the only bright spot in this whole thing. ambassador, is it a mistake not to label him a combatant? can we still an interrogate him? >> there is a choice that has to be made here whether you treat these criminals as through the criminal justice system or you treat them as enemy combatants. it is because they are too fundamentally -- two fund mentally different things at work. if you think there is just a jumped up case of bank robbery
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it is for the criminal justice system. if you think it is part of an on going war against the united states it is completely different paradigm. and trying to mix the two together which many do hurts us both in criminal law enforcement and in the war against terror. >> the fact is we know terror creates a new battlefield which is a mare row thon anywhere -- which is a marathon anywhere. >> many people have said, but america is not the battlefield. it is somewhere overseas. the finish line of the boston marathon looked like a battlefield to me. ask the cops who faced these guys as they tried to flea the boston area. the terrorists have made the whole world a battlefield. we haven't wanted that, but they made it that way. they don't have an actual army. what they do is they recruit an army in the united states. >> it is a different kind of war there. but the fact is we have lots of precedence in this country going back to abraham lincoln at least who presided over the killing of 100,000 american citizens on american soil without the slightest bit of due ross success or the
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presumption of innocence even though they were traitors to the country. that's the fact. it doesn't mean the president can act with unlimited authority. he has to act in the constraints of his commander-in-chief authority. >> what do you make of this? he has to be convicted no matter what. why not treat him like an enemy combatant and get the information. >> i guess i have a romantic view of america. i worked hard to get my green card. fdr, the only thing to fear is fear itself. let the fear take over and then the terrorists win. if you compromise your core democratic values, freedom, liberty, equality for all and then the terrorists win. why hand radical islam the anti-american pr card by calling it an enemy combatant. he will get prosecuted in the courts. they have an excellent record of doing so. they have been prosecuting at the rate of 50 terrorists per year since 9/11. do it that way and you uphold
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your brilliance in america. >> do you buy it is compromising values or is there a practical reason we call him an enemy? >> i think there is a problem particular cal reason. there was a corollary. there is nothing to fear but fear itself unless it is japanese-americans in america and we will put them in intern camps in until the war is over. i think the number one goal is to make sure there is not an on going thrt to the united states states -- threat tots united states for those who may or may not be connected to this. you can make them enemy combatants and not use what you get from that in their trial. i don't think it is necessary, and then allow a civilian trial to take place. we should try to make sure we know what is going on. one alternative is having mike tobin. he would be the most -- >> that was incredible. >> i was going to say, a
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19-year-old guy is interrogated by the high value detainee an teargas group, that sounds scary to me. >> not anymore. he was read his miranda rights. they tried it and he couldn't speak. >> he will still be interrogated though. >> the intelligence information takes weeks and months to get out of somebody. i am not talking about enhanced an teargas, but they should have taken this guy to guantanamo bay and let him look at the bright caribbean sun for awhile and he will start talking. >> i want to go to bill about this lyndsay graham talking about how the fbi didn't know that tamerlan went on a overseas trip because his name was misspelled. >> he went over to russia, but apparently when he got on the airplane they miss sh -- misspelled his name so it never went in the system that he went to russia. >> it happens to you all the time. schulz with a t and schulz
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without a t. >> it has let me live on the funds of snoopy money. i am related to charles and off i go. if lyndsay graham had just stuck to that talking poimt he could have gone to any one of the sunday shows. lyndsay graham is on more sunday shows than self-important music on the sunday shows. he had to keep going. on one hand they talk about how much they love the constitution and unless it gets in the way of enemy combatants when this guy can't be one. he did just that. >> the supreme court as recently as 2004 has said it is permissible to declare an american citizen an enemy combatant. >> if they are tied to al-qaeda. he is tied to some other muslim thing in chechnya if it is that. >> and there is a further decision that says you can challenge the designation. the president can't with complete unlimited discretion name you an enemy combatant. >> he should.
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>> not if he spells it with a t. >> why oppose the middle ground approach here? you don't have to try the military tribunals? you an interrogate him with the idea that anything used cannot be used. and we don't need that to convict him. we can try to foil plots that are still out there and potentially against the united states. >> i realize he can't talk, but we did have him under 48 hours with penn and frankly do we really need more than 48 hours? >> absolutely. >> how do you know, bill? are you questioning the am ambassador? >> i think the people we are talking to would. >> he is probably in some kind of bad condition. i think you are only allowed a certain amount of time in there. >> it is a limited exception. and i'm sure what they were asking him was do you have other people cooperating in this? are there other people? that's what the public safety
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exemption is for. it is to prevent a possible imminent example of further violence. from his condition being what it was i don't think they got much out of him. if they had it would have been in the indictment they filed today. >> before we go -- can i take a look at mike tobin one more time, please? i will just stair quietly at the viewers waiting -- >> 10 seconds later the second explosion goes off according to the fbi at the location where he dropped his -- please don't do that, where he dropped the -- where he dropped his knapsack. shepherd? >> please don't do that. i love it. >> i want to move on and talk about terror to tots. people expressing sympathy for dzhokhar or pointing to conspiracy theories that show he might be innocent. for the five folks on social media that started the free dzhokhar hash tag who thinks he is hot. and then there is some that
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are lead by alleged p rayers. they are always alleged rappers and they are not that good. one i will soon tweet the video that shows the eight-year-old boy that was said to die in the explosion, but he gets up and walks away. lol. [bleep] that is from me and not on the tweet. and cooker bombs are huge. how could they fit in dzhokhar's backpack? lol. by far the best and by best the worst terror tot is musician slash poet amanda palmer. the former singer composed a poem for the terrorists. the only way to do it justice is hear excerpts as read by the "red eye" robots. >> you don't know how to stop picking at your fingers. you don't know how little you have been paying attention. you look down another your legs again. you don't know how many times you can say you are coming and so they just stop believing
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you. you don't know how orgasmic is to take a lungful of oxygen and they hold your head under the water. >> yes, vietnamese soft rolls. let's have a little more. >> you don't know how precious your iphone battery time was until you are in the bought to much your boat. you don't know how to get away from your [bleep] parents. you don't know how it is to feel compassion in one moment and disconnection in the next moment. you don't know how things could change so incredibly fast. you don't know how to make something but the instructions are on the internet. you don't know how to make sense of this massive parade. >> i might have actually made it worse. i am not sure, jaime. are these people nut jobs or is there something deeper going on here? actually it is not deeper. it is less deep.
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i need to feel important or spebl. cash dash or special. >> there is a need. we live in the greatest country of the world. there is a segment of the population that are insane. you can find them in comic sections. the segment, most subscribe to their leader as being this alex jones figure, this crazy radio host who thinks these things happen because there is a dye bowl cal plot by the government to do this and that. they think anything that happens is by the american government to forward a crazy mission. >> i don't -- i think he spouts that stuff because it is making him a lot of money. i don't think he actually believes in it because a lot is crazy. immogen what did you think of the poem? she called me a troll on the web and on twitter tw and that hurt my feelings. >> she called you a troll? >> yes. >> that was the worst poem anybody herd. she is obviously a genius self-promoted. this is what she did. she was on the kick start website and she got 1.2 -- >> wasn't she busted for
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something? andy would know. >> this is what she does. the fact we are talking about her, so she has won which is annoying so i will stop talking about her right now. >> i am going to keep talking about her because i love stories like these. funny in the green room you thought the poem was touching. >> i was shocked. i had never heard of this woman and wish i never heard the poem. when you look at the tail end of the bell curve there are people who do this sort of thing. i greaty with jaime. it shows that she can commit sin by writing another poem. >> that's true. bill, you often write poetry about fun things and doing stuff. >> and i go by the pen name vietnamese soft role. you will be hearing from my lawyer. >> how would you grade her on her overall style? there was no rhyming there. >> it has been a longtime since i took english.
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there has to be a scheme. that was just you don't know, fill in the blank over and over and over again. i am thought saying she could have done better with time, but it came out super quick. >> it was a bit painful and looking forward to not reading more of her work. you know who is really probably most upset about this right thousand is the north korean president. has he done anything since this? >> he was probably yelling threats. >> i am told he has since moved into a boat to get some attention. from dip wads to duffels, will every back tack -- backpack trigger fears of attack? it has exposed the limits of our heightened security in the wake of 9/11. it is impractical if not impossible to rely on devices made from common ingredients and targeting gatherings.
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he reported on how societies react saying we are moving into a new era of the suspicious package. that was the name of my bar. >> the slogan is see something, say something, but that is honored by most people in train stations. we are moving into a new era. the era of the suspicious package. from now on and we will see this over and over again. when you do see something at the next marathon or somebody leaves a gym bag it will cause a response that didn't happen gf gf -- happen before. >> that was the name of my gay bar i never opened, suspicious packages. that's a story not for here or now. ambassador, what should we do? should we never loof the house? quietly weep under our beds? >> this goes to the basic mistake of the notion that we have to worry about suspicious
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packages. if that is how we perform, we will always be vulnerable. in this boston tragedy we have to look at the implications of it. i don't buy the argument they were radicalized. i want to know where the international support was and whether the older brother went back to russia. we should be cold continuing to take the battle overseas. >> if you see something, say something. perspective here. there is a one in 20 million chance. studies show an american will be killed by a terrorist attack. a one in five million chance they will be killed by lightning and a 1 in 19,000 chance an american is going to be killed by a car accident. yes of course we have these things, but we have to live our lives. i lived in ireland where we were bombed and threats.
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on some levels keep -- >> you drank more. >> if they use weapons of mass destruction the numbers go up exponentially. that is the real fear. i think that threat is serious and real even if the numbers don't seem to show it right now because the threat remains. >> significantly britain was lead by margaret thatcher and we are lead by barack obama. >> who has a really good record so far. >> well five dead in massachusetts and four americans killed this benghazi. all unanswered at this point. that's a signal to the terrorists that it is open season. >> i think that's a great record. you don't want anybody dead, but i thought he has done a great job so far. i never understood the arangement. argument. the question is stability in the middle east where the arab spring has turned on wrong.
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it is because of the policies he pursued. the withdraw from iraq and afghanistan and it is unwillingness to take on the war on terror and they are pursuing the weapons of mass tee instruction. >> if you ask most americans they will say i want out of iraq. i want out of afghanistan. i don't see the negative repercussions. >> sin tau lating conversation. coming up, what is the best way to settle disputes with diplomats? grow a mustache like this and you call me you hairless jerk. first was wees -- was reece witherspoon drunker than keith moon? no but i only had so many options.
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should they stop for carrottop cops.
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they send a message to sergeant and lieutenants telling them red heads are people too and must not be discriminated against. the new york post said no lawsuit has been filed against the city, but officials claim -- say a claim alleging unfair treatment over ginger locks would be supported by law which bars employees skin color et-cetera. red heads would be included since they are found in higher number in britain and ireland. cops have been ridiculed for their hair color, but one enjoyed the good natured jabs. we asked a red head to comment.
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>> how can you make fun of that? >> you can't. >> no, you can't. >> no, you can't. or what you said your version of can't. how does this hatred of red heads, gingers, it originated in evening land. you are brutal to red heads. >> first you have the pronunciation wrong. it is ginger. 1% are ginger and most live in britain. they do complain a bit like lil recole, poster girl, supermodel, gingers get a bad fit. she has made a lot of money by being a red head. and red heads turns out are more genetically evolved. they have extra vitamin d in
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them. so no pity for the gingers whatsoever. >> wow, ambassador. >> that makes no sense. they get an ounce of vitamin d and they explode. they look like the nazis on "raiders of the lost arc" they start melting. the only reason there are more in england is that's the only climate they can live in. if they lived in the south they would be a puddle. >> i know you have been following this for years. >> since i am mostly scottish, my mother always used to say my hair was not red. it was auburn. i have to feel a certain sympathy for them. they are discriminated against. now i understand it is because of superior dna. i knew it all along. >> the thing is, jaime, isn't this simply more about hazing a son hating cop? like you make fun of somebody with red hair? >> i never heard of anybody being brutally oppressed because they have red hair. >> how long were you in london for? a year? >> if are you in a bar and
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with a red headed friend all of a sudden as people get drunker they focus their hatred on them. what is that? what is that on your head? >> you can't here in the states. here is my prediction. if america becomes a second rate country, historians will pinpoint the date that began to happen and it was this directive. i have on the record to say i love red heads. i love them. >> especially lohan. she is representative of all red heads everywhere. >> exactly. i was thinking more patti ann browne. she is a red head. >> two of them. she is a twin. double your pleasure. what? it is a double mint ad. >> you are a double mint sad. >> i am double mint glad. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us on fox double mint sad. i am proud of is that. i shouldn't be. do you have video of your
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animal doing something? go to fox eye. click on submit a video. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. he is triple mint sad. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by telescope. the tubular op tau cal instrument by means of the light ray through a series of lenses. thanks telescopes.
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we're back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. >> how are you? >> good, i guess. >> i know you refused to call me america's sweetheart. >> won't be handled as an enemy combatant. you said there needs to be a decision whether they are treated this the criminal justice system or military system. president isn't jay carney right though? didn't the organization act specifically exempt u.s. citizens from being treated as enemy combatants sph. >> specifically precluded them from being tried in military commissions. in fact, i think that was a mistake. it was not constitutionally required. i think the most important thing now is whether we are gonna get information from this guy or whether we are not. given the administration's decision to insert him into the criminal justice system, the odds are not a certainty, but the odds are he will not say anything again other than a few things he may want to
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say to turn his trial into a pry vent. jay okay. >> you don't seem impressed. >> i am not sure the ambassador is right. i think they did preclude us from treating u.s. citizens as enemy combatants. >> lyndsay graham was the author of that provision. of course the past few days he has been expressly saying he wants tsarnaev treated as an enemy combat -- combatant. >> he is not impressed with lyndsay graham. >> do i get another try here? >> immogen you said the criminal court system has an excellent record of prosecuting terrorists. you are right. federal courts convicted 500 individuals on terrorism charges since 9/11. >> great you can do research for him. >> it just came up. i thought oh i remember doing that. i was debating. >> you could at least pretend you looked into the stories for us.
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that's all we ask is you pre end it. >> i did look, but this is a specific i thought of which is bernard who is a scary man. >> i will not debate that. >> she scary. >> you mentioned treating him as anen mooy combatant at first even though it could be used in court and you said we could do that because we don't need his confession. true, but the same thing could be done as it was done by envoking the public safety exswrellion. exemption. >> i think you have a longer period of time to get information. >> i guess, ambassador would you want him tried as an enemy combatant or treated as one and then eventually not? >> the issue of designation is not about what kind of trial it is given. it is to treat him as a prisoner of war. if you look at the geneva convention they can be held for the duration of the
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hostility. you don't try prisoners of war. what they are guilty of is being at war with you. you hold them until the war is over. it may go on for a longtime which means tsarnaev and others at guantanamo bay will be there a longtime, but isn't that too damn bad. >> we have tried some of the people in gitmo. >> yes, well those are -- the military commissions have been implied to the foreigners we have at gitmo. we are trying them for terrorism which is something worse than being an enemy soldier. >> didn't we have an american at get me? >> we have had several. but they would have been put through the commission system had the legislation not intervene. >> did we let them go? >> we let a lot of them go and it is a big mistake since they went back to the battlefield in afghanistan and else where. >> tim mcveigh was tried in the federal court system and now he's dead. >> no need for mutilating the language. >> i am okay with trying in the federal court.
12:35 am
>> there are some american terrorists who are not enemy combatants. mcveigh is one of them. you have to make a decision. tsarnaev and the chechen radical jihadist connection justifies naming him an enemy combatant now. he has the right to challenge that. it is not unfed erred executive branch discretion. i got him this time finally. >> always happy to get other people's ambassadors. >> america's sweetheart strikes again. >> he is truly our legally bond. -- blonde. >> this is one of the reasons i am america's sweetheart. >> you walk the line. >> keep him in the basement. >> jaime you said of these people, the segment of the population is true. if you look at the free dzhokhar hash tag it is a lot
12:36 am
of people making fun of the hash tag. >> it makes you believe in america. >> and you bleed a little less than twitter. >> the thing amanda palmer did was raise money on kick starter to make an album and go on tour and then went on tour and she asked musicians to play with her for free. >> i knew there was something weird about it. >> but the best thing about this is she was getting bashed by liberals pretty hard. she can't play the whole right wing nut jobs are coming after me. >> i like how she is dealing with this. it is like a homeless guy taking a dump in the middle of the street saying at least i raised concern about creating a traffic mess. well i did. >> and author is claiming it is not about dzhokhar. the poem is about everyone.
12:37 am
>> aren't we all dzhokhar is what she is saying? >> i think that's what she is saying. who has not been trapped on a boat when their iphone battery dyes. immogen you said where you live through bombs and bomb threats you dwot on with it. i am not sure why jeffrey gold blum thinks it is the era of a suspicious package. after the failed time square bombing there were for days reports of packages and time square was evacuated and then we got on with it. >> the reason is why is mayor guiliani said was what happened was a tragedy and perspective. when he talks about this you listen. >> i don't. >> well i do. >> i am i had cking. kidding. that's because he won't come on the show. >> i will come on when ever
12:38 am
you want. you call him and it is like, what, who are you? >> in fairness he didn't see me doing that thing. >> he recognizes you from the squeegy days. >> your honor i am trying to have a conversation. >> all i know is mr. tough guy to come on "red eye." >> he did "the five" on saturday . like you are going to gets a hard question there. really nothing i can add to that. new york police saying not to discriminate against red headed cops. you said ginger instead of gippinger. i have heard brits use both. >> it is ginger all the way where i am from. >> all right. ambassador you said your hair used to be auburn? >> that's what my mother said so it must be true. not the mustache? >> that used to be auburn too.
12:39 am
that was awhile back. >> they used to call it the red stripe. >> can i just ask, how is this discrimination against red heads possible in a group filled with irish men? >> did you think this was a joke? half of the new york city cops have to be p coulds, right this. >> red heads have been squeezed out. you have to have possible tim discrimination. >> and lastly, jaime, shame on you for saying if america becomes a second rate country it is because of red heads. that is a horrible thing to say. an apology to "red eye." greg, we are out of time and i have to go. >> thank you, andy. that is a disgrace. i hope that doesn't show up in a blog out of contest. out of context.
12:40 am
like a river flows surely to the see, darling so it goes, some things are meant to be. not a story, just a note. dues see slid it under my office door. weird. should the charges be dropped when your mug shot is this adorable? according to several lawyers and police officers the answer is a resounding no. oh well.
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he got the boot out of the shoot. well aj claw -- claw mentee opened his first broadcast famously. and now the rookie news anchor in bismark, north dakota has been fired after this rocky debut. >> dreams in motion organization has a fun time for the disabled. a deadly avalanche kills 5 in colorado. >> you are watching the
12:44 am
evening sunday on nbc method nod news. your news leader in high definition. >> [bleep] >> good evening. you may have seen our newest reporter aj -- seeing north dakota news and join the weekend news team as my co anchor. tell us a little about yourself, aj. >> thanks. i am excited. i graduated from west virginia university and i am used to -- from the east coast -- >> did he say i am used to things on the east coast? >> he needs a little geography. >> according to a statement at the station, clemente was practicing his teasers and didn't realize the mic was on. the station added, that is no excuse. we train our reporters to always assume any microphone is live at anytime. cra -- clemente said he had been canned and i am a free agent. can't help but laugh at myself
12:45 am
and stay positive. what else do you do? wish i didn't trip over my freaking shoes out of the gate. let's discuss this young man in the -- >> lightning roooouuuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> immogen, a bit of an on-line movement to get his job back. should they rehire him? >> this man is the definition of the british term muppet. it means foolish and incompetent person. the good news, he is actually now more famous than he would have been with his job because he was clearly going to be off. >> we went and looked at his real which no one would have looked at if he was working in business, ma. we looked at it and it is bad. bill, you looked at the reel. we cannot show. >> we can show that, but we can't show his private real. we are talking about the sport thing badly. this is why i won't work live.
12:46 am
i won't do it. i refuse to work live. >> and that's why fox won't have you on live show. >> they won't do. it they refuse to have my on live shows. look at his real and you look at what happened and he realizes what happens when you work in a state when there are more people in the news station than watching. it is north dakota and you get what you pay for. >> you know what, you have to start at small markets and move up. that's how you make your name. ambassador, clearly he wasn't ready for air. is that the station's fault? throwing him into the fire? >> i don't think so. look at barack obama who had a microphone on and jumping on netanyahu and explaining how he will sell us out once he is re-elected. why is this guy our president still then? >> way to bring it back to obama. >> if only bush could teachers and him not to mangle something. >> jaime, we have the
12:47 am
advantage of not being a live show. should people who screw up on live tv get canned? if we screw up we edit it out. >> this is the world's worst first impression and last impression. they should have kept him and gotten brown knee points, but how much farther down is there to be from the minor leagues in bismark, north dakota? >> i don't know. we, ie bill, myself and andy, cannot talk because -- actually he was worse than we were on our first month on "red eye." were we as bad as that? >> one thing i noticed was he was looking at the wrong camera. people thought it was a joke, but i didn't know where the camera was. >> i like what he said. he said, you are from -- i am used to how things are done on the east coast? >> i don't think he heard the question. just keep talking. >> west virginia is on the east coast. >> i think he was trying to
12:48 am
say i came from a big city. i am in this -- >> from west virginia. >> and now he doesn't have a job and he is in bismark. >> win-win. >> the oil field. and he will make more money. >> this is the best thing that can happen to you. he would call it something else. >> time to take a break. when we come back we will talk about something i swear. and the joy of hate, amanda palmer says this is her favorite book. get an autographed copy at g
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reece witherspoon if that is her real name apologized for her behavior after her arrest on friday night in atlanta. the actress was jailed for refusing a cop's order to stay in her car while her husband on the right was taking a sobriety test after getting pulled over. drunk driving is bad. at one point she said, do you know my name? when he said he did not she told him, you are about to find out who i am. on monday she re-- she releasedded a statement saying i clearly had one drink too many and deeply embarrassed about whaty i said. she is still america's
12:53 am
sweetheart for apologizing. as the president of the fan club this must be a troubling moment for you. >> who? >> you must know her. "clueless" -- no, that's not it. >> i am tired of reading about lyndsay lohan and reece witherspoon. what are the other names? don'ts they the have anything else to to? one of the best movies ever "election" a great film. immogen, have you ever tried the do you know who i am when you have been arrested for things? >> no. i have learned that people who seem too good to be true always are. reece witter spoon got the mtv generation award in 2011 and stood up and said basically i am amazing because i have been good and never had any mug shots and laid it down to all of the lyndsay lohans of the world. there are star lets all over the world celebrating because she has been called out. >> how does that go again? >> they should not walk around naked.
12:54 am
>> i encourage the naked. >> have you seen all of her films. how will this affect her next movie at the box office? >> as well as the others. this is a troubling example of american huh poke craw see. the boston bomber goes on tv saying we should try him as a combatant. what about trying ms. witherspoon as an enemy combatants. >> the real winner hue is ryan philippe. remember he always looked like the bad guy. >> yes. >> maybe he is a bad guy. >> well he is a bad boy. bad guy we don't like them. bad boy, call me. >> he is like 55 now. >> probably. the thing that makes me mad -- well there are a lot of things. only one time when you as america's sweetheart would
12:55 am
ever be like, i'm drunk. that was her excuse. i had one too many. when you say do you know who i am it is better to be drunk than sober. i bet she was completely sober. and she hasn't done a nude scene in years. oh i am a mom now. we have the internet. we know you did. it might as well do it in the next movie. >> what movie? >> a couple early on. >> "cruel intentions." >> no, not. but she had a lesbian scene this that. >> she got girls. >> there are three movies. you can look them up relatively easily. >> i learned so much. >> she didn't take it off all the time. i have no opinion. we will close things out with a post game wrap up. go to fox eye.
12:56 am
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12:59 am
back to andy levy. >> post game wrap up. >> i like to spread sweetness and light. >> that was fun. what is new at your blog? >> i write a cheat sheet and having looked at the reporting on friday there is a bit of confusion about it. >> jaime, how is that morning e-mail going? >> fantastic. we will have a lot of coverage on gingrich from here on out. go to the daily caller and sign up for it every morning. >> i think years from now we will sign up and be ashamed at how we used that word. >> years from now we will have to go back to this episode on reruns and bleep it. >> that's what we will have to do. >> have hot todd kelly do that one. >> what is going on? >> what do you want me to do? >> end the show? >>